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Grape Seed Oil Cream

Contents: Aqua, Allantoin, D-Panthenol, GlycerylStearate, , Ceteareth 20-12, CetearlyAlcohol, Cetyl Palmitat, Gliserin, Vit-T, Parfum, Butyl 4-Hydoxybenzoate, GrapeSeedOil, Grape Seed Aroma
Benefits: Grape seed is among the most powerful antioxidants. It is 20 times more powerful than another antioxidant vitamin C. The antioxidant effect is protective against aging and cancer.
Alcohol reduces the effects of smoking and polluted air.
Grape seed protects the vessels. It prevents arteriosclerosis. It reduces the risk of heart attack. It lowers cholesterol.
It strengthens weakened blood vessels. It has been proven to strengthen capillaries in hypertensive patients.
Strengthening the brain blood vessels, it increases the amount of oxygen going to the brain. This effect reduces forgetfulness, and improves concentration. It prevents Alzheimer's disease.
It strengthens the blood circulation in the capillaries of the eyes. It protects the eye's cornea.
It prevents the problems such as deterioration of eyesight due to aging. Its protection against macular degeneration and cataract shows the importance of grape seeds for eye health protection.
Grape seed extract improves blood and lymph circulation.
It strengthens the collagen in the skin's connective tissue. It prevents sagging skin. It provides a tighter and elastic skin. It reduces skin wrinkles. It ensures beautifying skin under the influence of the skin cell renewal.
It has a preventive effect against allergies by reducing histamine secretion.
It is useful in venous insufficiency such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
It is good for skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.
It is good for bleeding gums.
It is good for rheumatic pain.
It is effective in cellulite treatment.
It can stimulate hair growth. A study showed that grape seed increases hair cells.
It has been quite popular in the cosmetic field because of its cell protective effect. The skin and lip protection products are used in products such as facial and body creams.

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